Team Members:

  • George Carstocea
  • Rudy Rude
  • Lelia Dougan
  • Janet E. Dandridge
  • Taj Fraizier
  • Patrice Fisher

Project Overview

  • smARTphoneaddresses the critical need to promote and support local businesses, artists, and events from Leimert Park and the Crenshaw Corridor by re-purposing public pay-phones. The phones will be turned into portals that give the community, visitors, tourists, and everyone in-between, access to:
    • Local artists, galleries and studios
    • Information about renowned artists who have lived and worked in Leimert Park
    • Visual and performing arts events
    • Local businesses

    Additionally, smARTphone booths will activate the immediate space by curating mini-exhibitions of featured artists on-site! These phones will become cultural identifiers similar to the Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights and the Gate of Filial Piety into Chinatown. The increased exposure of the Leimert Park and Crenshaw communities' art scenes will stimulate business for merchants and artists, provide activities for the community, and promote cultural awareness and discussion.

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Visual Art


smARTphone sneak peek video

Print information above the double line for smARTphone Handout

smARTphone Meeting Notes:

smARTphone Project Recap


Artist: (Ramus (sp?) needs to be confirmed by Taj)
  • Rudy Rude
  • “The artist” George and Patrice met with Rudy in Leimert on 3/16/2013
  • Janet E. Dandridge
  • Ramus…?

Business Partners in Leimert Village: (All have been confirmed to go the “next step”)
  • Jinga
  • Seven Star Creations/Micheline Haute Couture
  • Zambezi Bazaar
  • Esowon Bookstore

Phone Options: (All ideas to-date; please let us ASAP know if something is missing-Everyone)
  1. Upcoming/Annual Events
    1. Events posted on phone booth or within phone book holder
    2. Postcards in businesses with events and Featured Artist
  2. Featured Artist
    1. Selected to “decorate” phone
  3. Visual Arts Competition
    1. Community selected artist, via phone voting, to create a permanent art piece
  4. Free Gift/Treasure Hunt
    1. Exploration of shops to find and image and receive a free gift
  5. Visitor Created Art
    1. Art created via phone key pad and uploaded to website to view and print
  6. Phone Booth Art Showing
    1. Artist invite others for sidewalk art showing
  7. Purchase Art/Tickets
  8. Visitor Contact Info Collection
  9. Location of the Music Phone (for downloads)

Video Clips: (Janet will find clips for each)
  • Dance
  • Film
  • Music
  • Visual Art
  • Esowon Books

Booth Composition/Design: (Rudy working on additional designs, including drums)
  • Single booth designs submitted by Rudy
  • Multiple phone booths connected
  • Open to other ideas…?

Group Name:
  • ArtBuzz
  • Janet wanted a pizzazzy name; she’s working on it

smARTphone Scrapbook

Link to smARTphone videos from Saturday March 16

2013-3-13 ArtBuzz Tasks.JPG

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