3.22.13 - got the raspberry pi working with the 4.3" TFT LCD screen using OMXplayer (Vimeo vid here).
Plays but looks really fast at the beginning. Looks like a bug.
Note sexy clear lucite etched pi box.
Soldered the breakout header for breadboarding use. Need a breadboard tho.


3.26.13 - getting the Pi working with the payphone keypad to play mp3s.

So I copied the logic of Kevin's code to the Pi and it detected & added coins properly - yay! Next was hooking it up to the payphone keypad.

Problem with the keypad is that the pads have a small resistance (~1k) that kept the Pi from detecting them as a binary on/off signal. Had to install micro pushbutton switches (around $3.99 for 4 at radio shack - likely expensive but they are close) and take off the rubber pad membrane entirely. Feel is okay.

MP3s are played with mpg321, a command-line audio player. Getting some pops at start and end of play, which are strange. We can figure out if there's a better way to do this.

Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of the final working keypad mp3 player! But it will be demo'd tonight on 3/27.


4.2.13 - prototype electronics soldered, a new switch purchased for the handset, everything mounted on pegboard! It looks cool, stay tuned for pics!!!