Our final pitch session will be on April 6th in Leimert. Here's the plan...

  1. context & goals
    1. We have 60 minutes to pitch several decision-makers from the Crenshaw Business Improvement District, USC administrators who might approve funding for this in the future, local nonprofit leaders, politicians and more. (But these are "soft pitches" for partners who are already somewhat familiar with the project... if we get traction internally, then we may start looking to beyond for larger collaborations.)
  2. timing
    1. poster session 15 mins in. Each group has a stand/installation in a different part of the room.
    2. 10 mins intro from Caldwell and Bar
    3. 30 mins -- 5 min presentations + 5 Q&A. spur them to questions.
  3. constraints and deliverables
    1. video: 60-90 seconds of “What It Looks Like” -- including community testimonials. The template here is Karl's story board sheet -- here's the blank version. We may use iPads to show the videos at the beginning.
    2. 5 minute presentation (including time to show your video) -- either scripted, or impromptu
    3. Any visuals -- like artistic drawings, or a physical booth with modifications
    4. Handout: the top half of your wiki page will be printed in color. it should summarize your project by answering these questions:
      1. WHO: your group name, and who was involved. be inclusive.
      2. WHAT problem are you trying to solve, and why is this a BIG problem (in 1-2 sentences)
      3. HOW does your project work, and how does that solve the problem above? (under 3 sentences)
      4. CONNECT: How does your project:
        (a) help local businesses -- like bringing customers or growing a business, marketing the neighborhood, and improving security and cleanliness;
        (b) connect to Leimert **culture** and the past -- do you tell the Leimert Story?
        (c) connect to local media -- like South L.A. blogs and newspapers or cable TV
        (d) connect to resident networks -- like Facebook groups that are tied to activities in Leimert
      5. OPTIONAL: How do you activate nearby people, besides the person using the booth? Or fit into a public event?