Visual Design Group

NOTES -- September 10, 2013

Visual art – using durable and/or movable pieces, paint, etc
Fascade – plywood or some other light-weight material
LED lights
Found objects
Wood sculptures
Artist decision – completely open to artist choices within parameters set by LPC
Lighting for artwork – powered by Solar lights – costs for solar lights/panels?
Size of space for Visual aspect of phone – Kaos Network
9.8 ft x 8.10 ft roughly (wall)
16.10 ft x 13.9 ft roughly (sidewalk) – but only about a 1/3 of that sidewalk is
Ben’s property
Create standard “signature” for all phones – for example: an orange receiver, LPC logo
placed on all phones in same position

Artists from Leimert Park and immediate surrounding areas
• First to have “Phone Exhibitions”
• Expand to more artists at the awareness of the phone expands

Begin “Phone Exhibitions” w/known artists to stimulate interest
(create Google Doc for artist list)

1. Rudy Rude
2. Mark Bradford
3. Charles Dickinson
4. Ramus
5. Keenon Chapman
6. Snake Doctor
One-sheet proposal to artists (create Google Doc for proposal to artists)
Contest for Artist participation? Budget proposals for artists and materials?
Incentives for Artists
1. Solo exhibition for “grand opening” of phone (possibly in conjunction with an
event happening December 2, 2013)
What phone styles do we have? Standard phone booths, 12 phone booths as of 9/10/13
Engineering and welding – power to phone and positioning of phone – connect with LPC
Tech team

NOTES -- September 17, 2013

Proposed artist exhibition selection timeline:
September 24, 2013 -- send out e-mails to artists and submit request for artists via social media
October 16, 2013 -- deadline for artist submissions
October 21, 2013 -- notification sent out to selected artists (should we send out notifications to all artists stating that their name is in the pool if they were selected to exhibit this time around?)
ASAP-starting no later than October 25, 2013 -- artists start work on Visual element of phone at Kaos Network
December 2, 2013 -- completion date for Visual element

Phone installation needs to be placed by October 21st -- contact Tech team for phone dimensions.


Information to include on artist proposal
  1. Type of artists: Painters, Wall artists, 3D artists (with certain depth parameters), Photography, Graffiti, Sculptors...
  2. Keywords and phrases for proposal: Engage. Positive and progressive. Welcoming culture, interaction, and financial prosperity for the neighborhood, Willing to participate in opening exhibit, Illustrates the spirit of community, Durable work that will endure the elements - human and nature, No budget (or limited budget - we need to see if we can get at least a small stipend for work??)*, Basic concept description accompanied by visual aid/support, resume, supporting history and display of work, Grassroots, Inaugural, History-making
*Incentives for producing a no-budget piece are: First to exhibit on this new technology, Grand Opening of technology, Producing art in exchange for an exhibit that will be visible for 3-6 months -- Artists are open to change display at the 3-month mark, and have to be done with update/change within one week, The new technology and wall is sort-of a gallery space for artists.

Please note: Someone will be appointed to check-in on artist Visual element progress once per week. Additionally, artist will have to be in contact with owner(s) of property via telephone and e-mail; for example, Ben Caldwell for Kaos Network/Leimert Phone.