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Historical archives of some of our prior work

  1. ContentGroup (fall 2013)

  2. TechGroup (fall 2013)

  3. VisualGroup (fall 2013)

  • General Kaos Network Schedule:
    • Last Sunday of Month (Art Walk)
    • Third Tuesday 9pm-Close of Month (Bananas)
    • Second Tuesday 9pm-Close of Month (Griot Workshop)
    • Saturday 3pm-Close (Kids at 43rd + Line Dancing + Rumba)

Very first prototype idea sketch teams:

Wiki tips:

  • It seems not possible to upload images when you're not logged in to the wiki, but you can link to external images if you know their URL:
    Click on the "File" button once you are in edit mode, pick "External Image", insert the URL in the dialog, click "Load", and then click on the thumbnail that appears underneath

Old content:

  • Decisions to make: names for our studio...